Quaker Style Chicken Coop


Walls: Navajo White
Trim: Red
Roof: Cedar Shingles

The Quaker henhouse series has a distinctive roof line over-hang that is inspired by century old barn styles. This style maximizes head space in the interior.

Standard Features

Paint or Stain
Keyed Entry Door
Chicken Door
Chicken Ramp
Nesting Boxes
Roosting Bar
Vent Lid or Vent
Window(s) w/screen(s)
Aluminum Drip Edge
Asphalt Shingles
5/8″ LP Flooring w/ 10 yr Warranty
P.T. Legs & Runners
LP Tech Roof Sheathing

Available Sizes

Size Base Pricing
3x4 (1 Window) $1,195
4x4 (1 Window) $1,305
4x6 (2 Windows) $1,545
4x6 high wall (2 Windows) $1,920
4x8 (2 Windows) $1,860
5x6 (2 Windows) $1,995
5x8 (2 Windows) $2,125
7x12 (3 Windows) $3,605
7x12 w/ Feed Room (3 Windows) $3,890
7x14 (3 Windows) $3,890
7x16 (4 Windows) $4,170
7x18 (4 Windows) $4,445
10x12 (4 Windows) $4,260
10x14 (3 Windows) $4,540
10x16 (4 Windows) $4,815
10x18 (4 Windows) $5,095

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