Cottage Shed

with optional metal roof, ramp, extra window


Walls: Riehl Blue
Trim: White
Roof: Light Gray Metal

Cottage Shed


Walls: Clay
Trim: Hunter Green
Roof: Green Shingles

Bicycling can be fun, but where do you store them when they’re not in use? Keep them safe in our classic Cottage Style Shed, perfect for storing a variety of items.

Bicycles, lawn tools, or gardening supplies will all fit in this shed nicely. The taller walls offer lots of shelving for your storage needs. Add a full range of options to this basic shed.

Standard Features

4×4 P.T. Skids
5/8″ Underlayment Floor Plywood
Floor Joists 16″ O.C.
89″ Sidewall Height
1/2″ Roseburg Duratemp Siding
4′ x 6′ Double Door on 8′ Cottage
5′ x 6′ Double Door on 10′-14′ Cottage
Cane Bolts
6″ Colonial Black Hinges
T-Handle w/keyed lock
Aluminum Drip Edge
Limited Lifetime Architectural Shingles
2×4 Studs 16″ O.C.
8-12′ Wide-2×4 Rafter 16″ O.C.
14′ Wide-2×6 Rafter 16″ O.C.
1/2″ CDX Plywood Roof Sheathing
1×3 Western Red Cedar Trim
(1) Aluminum Single Pane Window
Diamond Plate Aluminum Door Threshold
Collar Ties Vary
Choose Any (2) of Our Many Paint Colors

Available Sizes

Size Base Pricing
8x8 $2,880
8x10 $3,280
8x12 $3,520
8x14 $3,875
8x16 $4,225
10x10 $3,565
10x12 $3,905
10x14 $4,370
10x16 $4,730
10x20 $5,410
12x12 $4,225
12x14 $4,975
12x16 $5,250
12x20 $6,150
12x24 $6,875
12x28 $7,780
12x32 $8,560
12x36 $9,500
14x20 $7,105
14x24 $8,100
14x28 $8,810
14x32 $9,745
14x36 $10,520
14x40 $11,750
14x44 $13,080

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